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At Event Ability we have been designing and building websites for the conference and events industry for many years. We understand the process of building and running an event and can you help you produce websites that will support you every step of the way.

All of our websites utilise a powerful suite of tools that help you control every aspect of your conference online, as well as selling tickets and managing your partners and your delegates.
As well as offering a range of services to design and manage your sites for you, we are also prepared to put the tools that we have developed into your hands so you can take control. Take a look at our plugins to see the full functionality we offer.


A suite of plugins that you can install on your own WordPress site to immediately boost your site with simple to use event functionality


Experts in designing for events. We can help with all stages of your event, from branding to webdesign and build as well as any printed materials you need.


Let us do the work. We can setup, host and run your event websites for you. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Manage Your Events Online

Collect all of the data you need for your speakers, agendas, sponsors and attendees online. You can save a huge amount of time by managing everything in one place online and ensuring that your staff can have access to only the relevant parts that they need. You can work in a live environment so everyone is always dealing with the most upto date information.

Inbuilt emailing tickets and bulk notifications allows you to keep your attendees and speakers upto date with all the latest new about your event.

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Stop giving a percentage of your ticket sales to another provider

Using the Event Tickets Plugin you can create and sell all kinds of tickets on your own WordPress website and have the money go straight to your payment gateway of choice. Meanwhile you can collect all of the data you need about attendees on your own system.

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Keep control of your own website and data

Unlike other event system providers we believe that you should be in charge of your own website. If you are able to run your own wordpress website you can simply buy our plugins outright and they’re yours to use as long as you need. Or if you choose to have us manage your website for you, we’ll be happy to hand over a fully functioning site with all your data whenever a contract ends.