Flexible, searchable agendas and speakers

Easily manage and display all of the conference information relating to each of your events. Offer users a mobile web app and custom calendars.

The Conference Manager plugin allows you create Speakers, Talks and Agendas within your website.

All of these integrate together to allow to quickly create powerful dynamic agendas that pull your content into one place, making  it easily searchable both on and off line.

You can display this content in a variety of ways, from flexible speakers lists, to single and multi-agenda pages.

Powerful Agenda Builder

The Agenda Builder is a tool that allows you to easily create agenda pages within your site. Each agenda is made up of talks that take place during the day. They can be simply added or created within the builder and reorganised with a simple drag and drop system. Talks can also be grouped into sections to seperate parts of your agenda.

All agenda talks can easily have speakers assigned to them which display on your agenda page

  • Set agenda date
  • Assign agenda Colour
  • Create Agenda Page
  • Simple talk creation
  • Link speakers to talks
  • Set start / end times
  • Add breaks
  • Add talk icons
  • Drag & Drop
  • Group talks together

All Agenda Information in One Place

Every agenda gets its own page but it’s also easy to pull in content from any other agendas you may have at your event allowing your attendees to compare what is going on at any time.

When showing just one agenda all content including speakers will be shown but if you want to compare several just the title will show with the rest of the details available in a popup.

You can even switch to “grid view” to view different agendas side by side to understand what content may be taking place at the same time.

All of this content is easily searchable and can be filtered by categories or agendas.

Custom User Calendars

Allow your users to create their own personal agendas of the conference content with the “add to calendar” functionality. Using this they can add each talk details to whichever personal calendar they choose.

At present we support apple, Google, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars.

Mobile Web App

Your attendees need to be able to easily check the most up to date agendas at the conference where a good internet connection cannot always be guaranteed.

Clicking the “MOBILE” button within an agenda opens a web app version of the agendas that users can easily install to their mobile device. It can add an icon to their home screen so its easy to access and will save all of the agenda data to the device so it can be used even when offline.

Create Multi-Agenda Pages

If you have several agenda taking place on the same day, you may want to display them side by side so that you visitors can easily see what is taking place at the same time and decide what they will attend. Multi agenda pages can be added anywhere in your site, simply selecting which agendas you want to display and how long the day is. They will then automatically be displayed side by side according to the times that you have selected for each of the talks.

Clicking on a talk within the multi-agenda will open a popup that displays all of the information about that talk including all of the speakers taking part.

Flexible Speaker Display Options

You can quickly create speakers and give them a photo – and optionally a company logo as well – along with a short bio. Once created these speakers can be displayed anywhere on your site in a variety of ways. They can be shown in searchable lists in a range of formats including with or without logos and text. You can also choose to show specific speakers or select some from a particular category.

Speaker Information Popups

Clicking a speaker can either open a unique page for that speaker or display all of their information within a popup over the agenda or speaker list.

Speaker information can include their images and bio as well as what talks and agendas they are speaking on and whether they are doing so on behalf of a partner.


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