Easy exhibition management & increased sales

A powerful tool for you to visually manage your exhibitors and allow customers to see where clients have taken booths.

An interactive floorplan extends the partners plugin by allowing you to present any partners that are exhibiting at your event in a visual manner. Users and staff can search an exhibitor list and see where partners are on your floorplan and you can also quickly click a stand to see who is exhibiting there. You can also easily identify areas where you still have stands to sell.

To create your own floorplan graphic you will need a copy of Adobe Illustrator to create an SVG file – you may be able to create an SVG plan with other software but we cannot provide support for this. The initial graphics can be tricky to create the first time – if you are at all unsure please contact us to use our floorplan creation service.

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Front End Exhibitor Management

When logged in as an Administrator, Event Manager, or Account Manager clicking on a stand will display options to edit the exhibitor / partner for that stand.

Add, edit and delete exhibitors

Create a new partner in the backend by clicking a stand and selecting “Add exhib”, that;s it! A new exhibitor is created with this stand number. By default the new partner is set to be an exhibitor and is given a temporary name, a reserved logo to this partner. Initially the partner is set to unconfirmed and the account manager for this client is set to the currently logged in user.

Once completed the partner is then displayed for you to edit the defaults that have just been set and add a new logo if required.

Make your event look busy

Various settings allow you to choose what your users can see and do on your floorplan. When logged in as an admin you will always have full functionality able to see and edit all aspects of the floorplan.

The “Show taken” button allows you and your customers to quickly see which stands are still available, but regular users will see all taken stands highlighted in one colour. Users logged in as an admin however will see unconfirmed stands in a second colour so they have a better idea what might actually be available to sell. If necessary you can always create several unconfirmed stands at the start of an event to make the event look busy from the start.

You can choose to hide the “Show Taken” button entirely until your event is busier, though it will always be available for admins.

Similarly if you are worried about visitors clicking your floorplan and lots of stands showing up as empty or reserved you can choose to turn off the clickable floorplan for visitors, clicking stands will then have no effect for no logged in visitors. The search functionality will still reveal the logos on the floorplan though.

Exhibition warnings

Simple administrative mistakes can happen when you’re dealing with large amounts of exhibitors so when your logged in as an admin the floorplan will display a list of potential errors just to make you aware of a potential problem down the line.

Stand does not exist

If an exhibitor has been created an given a stand number that does not appear to exist on the floorplan it will be flagged up here.

No Stand Number Assigned

Flags a warning for any exhibitor that has been created but has not yet been given a stand number.

Multiple Exhibitors on a Stand

You can have multiple exhibitors assigned to one stand but in some cases this might be done in error. A warning will be flagged here for each exhibitor that shares a stand number,