Create One Event or List Hundreds

This free WordPress plugin allows you to create and list events on your site in a variety of ways. It also provides the base for all other Event Ability plugins.

The event listings plugin provides the base for all other Event Ability plugins. It allows you to create events from within the WordPress admin. Each event can have various settings including logos, dates and location as well as customised content.

You can list your events with search functionality and with a wide variety of display options including displaying them on a map. Each event can automatically have its own page created along with a header that contains the event logo and navigation for any other event related pages.

We keep the styling simple so you can customise the CSS to work with your theme.

Flexible Event Listing Layouts

You can display your lists of event in any location in your site either using WP Bakery Page Builder or WordPress Shortcodes. You can chose to display them in a variety of different layouts  and select whether you show all events of just upcoming ones. You can even categorise your events and choose to display only events in a certain category.

  • Searchable lists
  • Flexible display options
  • Display by category
  • Display on a map
  • Display upcoming events only
  • Create event mini-site

Display Events on a Map

When you enter an address for your event, Event Ability attempts to locate it on Google Maps. You can then use the Event Map widget / shortcode to display events on  a map. You can either create a map for an individual event or a map that show many upcoming events.

Quick Crop Logos

When uploading a logo for your event or any other image on the Event Ability plugins you can choose to use the cropping tool. This can help you quickly and easily create consistantly sized logos without having to waste time using a third party tool like photoshop. This is important to keep your site looking neat and professional.

Automatic Event Sites (Optional)

Creating an event automatically adds a page for that event to your site,  it will have a header that shows your event logo, dates and address. This is the page that is linked to from event listings and maps. You can add any extra content that you wish to this event page.

If you wish this page can become the base for a “mini-site” for your event. Extra pages can be added to the header navigation under a “more” tab by simply creating child pages for the event.

The header can also be applied to all content created by further Event Ability plugins, for example speakers, agendas, partners etc can all be displayed with the event header and navigation.

Alternatively you can use shortcodes and widgets to display Event Ability content in your site without using a “mini-site”.