Sponsors and partners for events

Easily create and manage pages for all of your event partners and exhibitors and display them in a variety of ways.

The Partners Manager plugin creates a new post type in wordpress labelled “Partners” here you can create a partner for each of your sponsors, exhibitors, media partners etc. You can keep track of all of their details. This can also integrate with other Event Ability plugins including Interactive Floorplans to display your partners on a plan, and Conference Manager to connect speakers who are speaking on behalf of a Partner. Every partner gets their own page and can be displayed in flexible lists or in logo sliders.

Flexible and Searchable Partner Listings

Display your partners in searchable lists anywhere on your site in a variety of ways. As well as selecting layouts you can chose specific partners or categories to display, whether or not to display a text excerpt and whether you only want to display confirmed partners or exhibitors.

  • Searchable lists
  • Flexible display options
  • Display specific partners
  • Display by category
  • Display text option
  • Create a partners page
  • Link to partners website
  • Assign an account manager
  • List as an exhibitor option
  • List as unconfirmed until ready

Slider Display

Link to Interactive Floorplan

Requires the Interactive Floorplan plugin

An interactive floorplan extends the partners plugin by allowing you to present any partners that are exhibiting at your event in a visual manner. Users and staff can search an exhibitor list and see where partners are on your floorplan and you can also quickly click a stand to see who is exhibiting there. You can also easily identify areas where you still have stands to sell.