Sell tickets without commission

Create and sell tickets for each of your events from within your own site. Collect any attendee data you need and run your own check-in at events.

With this plugin you can create multiple tickets within each event with an automatic ticket grid page. Easily setup discount dates eg. “early bird” that reduce the price at certain times and adjust taxes and emails as required.

You can add forms to the checkout for both the whole order and each ticket being bought, collecting the user data you need. Every purchased ticket creates an attendee on the system with all of their details and a unique barcode, this can be automatically emailed to every attendee if required.

You can use our checkin page to keep track of who turns up to your events and scan them in, even designing and printing their badges if you require.

Attendee Data

Every ticket that is sold creates an attendee on the system linked to the event. Each attendee holds all of the information you need about the person coming to your event. This will include standard info such as their name and email, but also any further information you choose to collect with forms. They also get a unique ID and barcode that you can choose to use to check them into the event.

Each attendee also has a status so you can easily see where they are in your process, i.e ordered but not paid, paid but not yet checked in, cancelled etc…

All of this data is easily exportable to a CSV file (opens in any good spreadsheet programme) so you can keep track of all your data and use it as you see fit.

Customisable Attendee Forms

This plugin allows you to create two types of form on each event registration. The forms allow for simple text responses multiple choice options or select one options.

The first form is applied to all tickets being bought, so this form is displayed only once at the start of the registration process once filled in the responses will be applied to all attendees created.

The second form is generated for each ticket, and is useful if you require individual responses from each attendee e.g food preferences.

Drag and Drop – Create Ticket Grid

Tickets and discounts are easily created from the admin page of your event with just a few clicks. You can then use the simple ticket grid builder to drag and drop your tickets into the required order for your ticket page. You can also create ticket groups if required in order to create sections within your ticket grid e.g “Day One Tickets” etc.

Create Staged Discounts

It’s common practice in events to increase the prices of tickets as the event gets closer. By creating staged discounts you can set dates between which a different discount amount is applied to each ticket.

These discounts are clearly displayed on your ticket grid to help create a sense of urgency in the customer.

Pay by Invoice – Online

It is possible to set up the plugin to allow your customers to order tickets for your event but pay for them at a later date. In this case attendees are created on the system buy are labelled as unconfirmed until the bill is payed.

In this situation an invoice will be emailed to the customer with a link which they can follow to pay online at a later stage. Or you can include further payment details in the invoice email if you would like to offer them other payment options. Then simply mark the order as completed in Woocommerce.

Woocommerce Integration

We use the free Woocommerce plugin to provide the payment functionality for your site. You will need to install this seperately in order to use this plugin. Woocommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world and provides a stable base for your transactions and will allow you to integrate with as many payment gateways as possible.

Attendee Email Messaging System

Keep your attendees up to date with the latest information about the event with this simple emailing tool that allows to select groups of attendees based on their ticket type and order status and quickly send out a bulk message. Messages are automatically styled with your event logo and details.

You can use this to send a message or to send out email tickets.

Check-in System

This plugin automatically creates a checkin page for each event that is only visible to your staff. Using this page you can select an event and search all attendees based on their name job title or company. As they come up you can select them and pull their details into the checkin system.

Once you have the correct attendee you can use the system to check them in to your event. You’ll see a warning if they haven’t yet paid for their tickets or if they have already been checked in.

You can speed up the process by setting up a barcode scanner on your computer. If your attendees have tickets with the barcodes on you can use this to quickly scan the barcode and bring up the attendee data.

Not all barcode scanners are created equally, ensure that your scanner works with your computer and the ticket system before using at a live event.
This system is reliant on a constant internet connection to work and should not be used at events where this might be an issue.

Badge Printing System

You can use the badge designer to put together a simple badge which you can choose to print on checkin at your events. Select the size and shape of your badges and which items you want to appear, i.e names, job titles, company, event logo and barcode. Once you have all the elements you can adjust their sizes and location on the badge. This design will be applied to all of your events.

Printing a badge on the checkin page will send it to your printer but you must ensure that your printer and paper sizes are setup correctly and you are happy with how badges print. Some browsers may affect different print outputs so be sure you test this setup thoroughly before an event.