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You can install these plugins yourselves to immediately boost your site with simple to use conference & exhibition functionality that you can setup and style however you need.

Our plugin suite covers allows you to manage your whole event online, collecting the data for speakers, agendas, attendees and more in one place. You can run as many events as you like with each aspect connected so you are always in control.

Easily display your speakers, agendas, partners and more, in a variety of flexible ways. We keep styling to a minimum so as we want the functionality to work with your theme as smoothly as possible. If you’re used to editing CSS you can style everything to suit your own site, or you can contact us if you‘d like some help with design or would like to use our Manage Site Service.


This free download is the core of the events plugin ecosystem. Once installed you can create “Events” within wordpress, setting up location, dates, logos and more. You can then easily display upcoming events in lists and on google maps using shortcodes within your site. Each event gets it’s own mini site / page that you can choose to build on with the other plugins.

  • Quick Logo Cropper
  • Shortcode for Event Listings
  • Flexible Display Options
  • Searchable Events
  • Display Upcoming Events
  • Single Event Maps
  • Upcoming Events List Map


Create and sell tickets for each of your events. You can create multiple tickets within each event, setup discount dates eg. “early bird” that reduce the price at certain times. Also add forms to the checkout for both the whole order and each ticket being bought, collecting the user data you need. Every purchased ticket creates an attendee on the system with all of their details and a unique barcode, this can be automatically emailed to every attendee if required. You can use our checkin page to keep track of who turns up to your events and scan them in, even designing and printing their badges if you require.

  • Staged Discounts
  • Automatic Ticket Grid Page
  • Keep 100% of your Sales
  • Easy Data Export
  • Add Attendee Forms
  • Bulk Email Tickets and Notifications
  • Uses WooCommerce (Free Plugin)
  • Email Tickets
  • Online Barcode Scanner Checkin
  • Badge Designer / Printer


This plugin adds a powerful agenda builder to your site. Agendas are made up of individual talks you can drag and drop to quickly create you days schedule. You can add speakers along with all their contact details to your website and link them to particular talks on your agendas. Single agenda pages are created automatically or you can use shortcodes with WPBakery Page Builder to add multiple agendas side by side with details displayed in popups on clicking different sections.

  • Create & Manage Event Speakers
  • Powerful Agenda Builder
  • Link Speakers to Agenda Talks
  • Link Speakers to Partners
  • Display Speakers in Flexible Lists
  • Display Speakers in Sliders
  • Display Single or Multiple Agendas
  • Popup Speaker Details
  • Quick Crop Speaker Photos and Logos


Upload an SVG graphic for each event (we can help with that) and partners with stand numbers will be linked to the floorplan allowing you to display company logos when your users click the floorplan or search for partners. Simplify exhiition management with front end partner management allowing you to click stands and edit the details there directly. Mark stands as reserved if you want your expo to look busy to users but let you know whats available.

  • Link Partners to an SVG Floorplan
  • Front End Partner Management
  • Reserve Stands to Look Busy
  • Display Taken and Available Stands
  • Display Company Logo on Floorplan
  • Searchable Partners List
  • Design your own SVG or Use Our Service
  • Display Exhibition Warnings


Add and display your sponsors and exhibitors for each event on your site. Manage all their contact details in one place. If speakers are appearing on behalf of a partner they can be linked together. Connect with WooCommerce to take and manage payments for all of your partners online.

  • Create & Manage Event Partners
  • Quick Crop Logos
  • Allocate Stand Numbers
  • Display in Flexible Lists
  • Display in Slider